Longue Vue

Mr. Edgar B. Stern and his wife Edith Rosenwald created Longue Vue House & Gardens, a legacy of beauty, education and philanthropy, between 1939 and 1942. The Stern’s legacy is kept alive through Longue Vue’s mission, which is to “preserve and use the historical and artistic legacy of Longue Vue and its creators to educate and inspire people to pursue beauty and civic responsibility in their lives https://maskulinum.se/.

An historic city estate encompassing eight lush acres within the city’s limits, Longue Vue House & Gardens in New Orleans is regarded as one of the last great houses of the American architectural renaissance. In its three stories, this Classical Revival-style mansion boasts an exquisite collection of American and English antiques, French and Oriental carpets, a fine British and Continental creamware pottery collection, needlework and a notable collection of traditional and modern art dating from the 18th and 19th century.

The Gardens of Longue Vue, with their various themes, complement the magnificent Spanish Court, which was inspired by the 14th century Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra in Spain. Within the vast gardens surrounding the home, visitors discover the English-inspired Yellow Garden of gold-colored flowers and foliage, a Wild Garden exhibiting a variety of native and indigenous plants, the Walled Kitchen Garden (currently under restoration), Longue Vue’s stately horticultural displays, accented by lyrical fountains, create a memorable experience throughout the year.

Longue Vue’s commitment to education is rooted firmly in the Stern Legacy. Throughout the year, Longue Vue offers an array of educational programs to their membership and general public. Visit Longue Vue on any given day and you can find adults and children creating gardens, learning about textiles, exploring uses for herbs, tracking genealogy, and discussing community issues. Programs include hands-on workshops, lectures, symposia, exhibits, seminars, as well as house and garden interpretations.

For more information visit their website at: Longuevue.com

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